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The Westing Game (1997) TV Movie | PG | 95 min | Family, Horror, Mystery. The tenants of the Sunset Towers must compete to learn who killed an eccentric millionaire and win a $20 million inheritance. Added to Watchlist.

Drama, Family, Horror, Mystery. Sam Westing, CEO of Westing Paper Products, has just died. Some of them were just close friends to him that he considere d to be family. Jake Wexler, Theo Theodorakis, Chris Theodorakis, Flora Baumbach, Sydelle Pulaski, Doug Hoo, The Westing Game Characters TURTLE WEXLER DOUG HOO Anslutning Till Sam Westing: Personlighet: Personlighet: Ålder och fysisk  Westing Game: The Bombs. av 3af2eae2 Mrs.Theodorakis-on the other hand-ran out. Chapter 21: The Fourth Mitt Första Storyboard. Storyboard That Family  2000.

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Christos Theodorakis. is a 15 year old boy confined to a wheelchair. Chris is the most thoughtful and considerate child in the Westing Game, so he seems quite suspicious. People think of him as a disable kid, but Dr. Deere and Jude J.J. Ford treats him with kindness and care. Westing Game Site. The Westing Game The Westing Game Theodaorakis Theo Theodorakis. Theo's the kind Theo Theodorakis.

Realtor Barney Northrup rents out the apartments of the newly-constructed Sunset Towers to a select group of tenants that includes the Wexler family (podiatrist Jake, wife Grace, daughters Angela and Turtle), the Theodorakis family (coffee shop owner George, wife Catherine, sons Theo and Christos), the Hoo family (restaurant owner James Shin, second wife Sun Lin, son Douglas), Judge Josie-Jo Ford, …

“Take a Lobby ♦ Theodorakis Coffee Shop 2C 1997-09-14 View this answer. Chris Theodorakis was paired with Dr. Denton Deere. Dr. Deere is a 25-year-old medical intern who is engaged to another Westing Game participant, See full answer below.

2000. Ryan Woodman. The Westing Game. 1997. Chris Theodorakis Väntar på filmen om GameStop?: 19 filmer och TV-serier om finanslivet du kan se nu.

Theo Theodorakis is a high school senior. His parents own a coffee shop in Sunset Towers and his brother is Chris Theodorakis. His partner in the Westing Game is Doug Hoo. He helps his brother out since he is in a wheelchair. Theo lives in apartment 2D.

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In chapter 5 Grace is trying to figure out who his will is going to and how much those people get.
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Theodorakis family westing game

Chris Theodorakis- Chris is an observative kid because he can't talk fluently.

Theo is the older than Chris. He changed his position to writer in the Westing games. Theo Theodorakis , a seventeen year old High School senior, the oldest son of George and Catherine. He takes responsibility for his disabled brother Chris and works at his parents' coffee shop.
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"The Westing Game is wonderful part mystery story. Part Lobby > Theodorakis Coffee Shop were made, and one by one, family by family, talk, talk,.

His partner is Denton Deere.

Theo Theodorakis is the older brother of Chris Theodorakis. He is a responsible and polite boy. He helps around at the coffee shop that his family owns. Theo is very interested about who plays chess, because when all the heirs were in the game room at the Westing Mansion, he played chess with someone, but didn't know who he was playing with since

Part Lobby > Theodorakis Coffee Shop were made, and one by one, family by family, talk, talk,. Chris Theodorakis watched his brother Theo shake hands (it must be a bet) with the skinny, one-pigtailed girl and rush into the lobby. The family coffee shop  Who works in his/her family's coffee shop in The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin? Angela Wexler Doug Hoo Sydelle Pulaski Theo Theodorakis Turtle Wexler podiatrist and bookie, Angela, the beauty of the family who is soon to pushes the participants in the Westing game to name the F. Doug Theodorakis Hoo. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Question and Activity Packet George Theodorakis – artifacts you found, family, birth certificate, etc.) in regards to the   Sam Westing's will read, “It is not what you have, it's what you don't have that counts.” What did they not have? Describe what happened to the Hoo family. ( Madame Hoo, James Hoo, 19.

Grace thinks it makes perfect sense to include him because soon he'll be part of the family, but her narcissistic idea keeps us from wondering about the reasons why Ellen Raskin’s ‘The Westing Game’ is a murder mystery that unfolds with a band of interesting characters. The locale happens to be Sunset Towers, one of the buildings owned by the wealthy Westing Estate. The building has been rented out to the Wexler family, the Hoo family, the Theodorakis family, J.J Ford, Pulaski, Erica Crow, and Flora. George Theodorakis is the father of Theo and Chris Theodorakis. He is married to Catherine Theodorakis. George Theodorakis owns a coffee shop named Theodorakis Coffee Shop which is in the lobby section of Sunset Towers apartment building.