What Oscar Lundahl caught is a ratfish while its Latin name Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus is derived from a Greek mythical monster with the head of a lion and tail of a dragon, The Sun detailed in its report. Ratfish live in deep waters and are harmless to humans.


Oscar Lundahl, 19, fångade en minst sagt udda fisk häromveckan. Efter en halvtimme ute på 800 meters djup lyckades han få upp den storögda fisken i båten. Nu har han blivit uppmärksammad

17 Sep 2019 Oscar Lundahl nearly jumped out of his boat once he saw the creature he caught. The fish is identified as a ratfish.(Facebook/Ernesto  18 Sep 2019 Oscar Lundahl, 19, nearly “jumped out of his fishing boat” when he pulled the The fish was reported to be a ratfish, a relative of the shark that  15 Sep 2019 Oscar Lundahl claims that his colleague identified the creature as a ratfish, a relative to the shark that is rarely caught. (Oscar Lundahl). He told  18 Sep 2019 19-year-old Oscar Lundahl caught a rare fish while fishing off the coast The fish is a ratfish, a relative of the shark live deep in the water and  18 Sep 2019 Oscar Lundahl caught this ratfish while working as a fishing guide for Nordic Sea Angling. The fisherman was shocked when he reeled in this  Oscar Lundahl, a guide for the fishing company Nordic Sea Angling was not sure about the type of the fish it actually is, his colleague identified it as a ratfish.

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På Ratsit hittar du senast uppdaterade Telefonnummer Adresser Personnummer Inkomster och mycket mer för alla personer i Sverige. Visa profiler för personer som heter Oskar Lundahl. Gå med i Facebook för att komma i kontakt med Oskar Lundahl och andra som du känner. Facebook ger Oscar Lundahl hampir melompat keluar dari perahunya saat dia melihat ikan aneh yang memiliki mata bulat yang sangat besar. Ikan itu adalah seekor ratfish (ikan rat) dengan nama latinnya Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus, atau dalam mitos Yunani monster berkepala singa dan ekor naga.

Oscar Lundahl pictured with the strange looking ratfish. Pic BNPS. Chocken: Fiskare i Norge fick upp… 70-årig kvinna dödade make - döms för 

Nu har han blivit uppmärksammad 2020-02-16 · Oscar Lundahl was fishing for halibut when he found the dinosaur-like fish on the end of his line – Image: JørgenZwilgmeyer/BNPS “In September young fisherman Oscar Lundahl was looking to reel in some halibut but got the shock of his life when an alien-like ratfish which dates back 300 million years. 2019-09-19 · Lundahl claims that due to the intense transform in stress, the ratfish didn’t survive the encounter. Not wanting to waste it, Lundahl claimed that he took the fish house and fried it up.

Lundahl told The Sun it took him about 30 minutes to reel in the ratfish, which was roughly 2,600 feet deep. Fox News reports the ratfish didn't survive due to the extreme pressure change from

When ratfish have been caught (which is rare) or observed in the past, their eyes have not been this large. The fish was caught by fishing guide, Oscar Lundahl who says he nearly “jumped out of his fishing boat” when it was pulled in. Lundahl was leading a group of people fishing for blue halibut off the coast of the island of Andoya in Norway when the fish was caught. 2020-02-17 2019-09-15 2019-09-19 Oscar Lundahl, 19, nearly jumped out of his fishing boat when he saw the bizarre-looking species with bulbous eyes on the end of his line. The specimen is in actual fact a ratfish, whose Latin name Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus is aptly derived from a Greek mythical … Oscar Lundahl’s mystery, The ratfish Lundahl reeled in is not only incredibly rare — it also resides thousands of feet below the surface. It took Lundahl around 30 minutes to haul in his strange catch, largely because the fish was swimming at a depth of 2,600 feet. The fish has been identified as a ratfish.

Oscar lundahl ratfish

Skjutbanegatan 5 C, 531 41 Lidköping. Oskar Lundahl 25 år 070-608 75 Visa.
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Oscar lundahl ratfish

The picture of Oscar Lundahl and the big-eyed fish has become a world news and in the inbox, many international media now want to get hold of him. - I have received a lot of messages on the phone that I have not been able to answer.

The fish had enormous eyes that looked out of proportion with its tiny body. "It was pretty amazing, I have never seen anything like it before.
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2019-09-16 · When Oscar caught a ratfish.

Oscar Lundahl, 19, was fishing in Norway in 2,600ft of water when he reeled in the ratfish, whose name comes from a Greek mythological creature. Lundahl tells The Sun he was trying to catch blue halibut off the island of Andoya in northern Norway when he snagged something — different.

Oscar Lundahl 21 år. Tullgatan 10 22354 LUND. Skicka blommor med Euroflorist. Din sökning på oscar lundahl lund gav 1 personer och du har nått slutet av listan. Oscar Lundahl nama pemancing itu yang sangat terkejut bukan main kala mata kailnya itu berhasil menangkap ikan dengan bentuk yang sangat aneh. Bahkan Oscar Lundahl nyaris meloncat dari kapal ketika melihat ikan aneh itu menggelepar. Ikan itu punya ukuran mata yang sangat besar dan juga bentuknya sangat berbeda dengan ikan-ikan pada umumnya.

Tramroad Rhythmnation ratfish.